Us Men, like power. There is no denying that a large capacity engine gets the juices flowing for us. So naturally when you hand me the key (fob) to the Dyna Lowrider S, I’m already looking forward to riding it.

Just look at it. Straight out of Sons of Anarchy and all I need is a crew to ride with. The Harley-Davidson Lowrider S, is seriously one bad ass motorcycle.  It’s also one of those models that does not need much customization right off the floor because they’ve sort of done it all ready for you.


So what is this “S” model :

It’s the original Lowrider but with a large list of tweaks. For starters, it’s got an 110cu engine shoved in a relatively tight frame. The rear fender has been chopped up and the taillight deleted. Now the indicators have a double function and will act both as a brake light and as indicators.  Most of the body parts have also been coated black and of course, the twin seat has been swapped over for a single XR type seat. There are also no pillion pegs. The drag bars are raised about 5 inches and sit behind a “speed” headlight screen. This in conjunction with the mid mounted pegs gives the rider a really aggressive riding position and it surprisingly works.  The 17.8l tank also features the speedo and tachometer, the latter a rare sight on a Harley Davidson. It was nice to monitor them, because this 110 like to rev out, fast.



The 110cu (1801cc) Screaming Eagle is similar to those found in the Softail Slim S and Fatboy S, but makes slightly more power. The bike has a low centre of gravity and thus makes the 305kg feel relatively light compared to something like a Fatbob.  The engine has also been treated to a heavy breather intake and a 2 in 2 exhaust and tuned accordingly. This makes the bike extremely responsive with a wave of torque(156nm) available everywhere.  There is so much power there; leaving unintentional black lines from the robots are a near common thing.


The suspension has been upgraded and is also preload adjustable in the rear. The overall riding comfort is surprisingly good but expect to bounce around on a bumpy road. The beautiful gold cast wheels help break the black theme and are shot with a 160/17 rear and a 100/19 front.  The 4 pot front and 2 pot rear brakes are also a highlight of the bike. They are nice and responsive with great feedback. ABS is obviously standard.


The Dyna Lowrider S is a bike you will either love or hate. It’s a pure muscle bike that entices you to ride it that way.  The 110cu Screaming Eagle engine talks to you like very few others can and has a Jekyll and hyde personality. You just have to decide which one of those two you want to be for the day.


They Harley-Davidson Dyna Lowrider S retails for R255 000 and is available right now.