Most of us knew that there were a couple of different variants available from on the RnineT platform. So it was just a matter of time before we saw the highly awaited Scrambler, at least in our market that is.


The Scrambler is based on the RnineT roadster with a few changes right off the bat. It features higher bars, off-road foot pegs (with rubber inserts), a bench style seat, higher located Akrapovic exhaust and also a single speedometer, which emphasizes the minimalistic look. The main changes are obviously the 19” front wheel fitted to a longer rake conventional fork and of corse that it has been fitted with Metzeler Karoo 3 tires, 120/19 in front and a 170/17 rear, which are cross-spoke wheels, instead of the magnesium wheels that are standard mostly everywhere else. I think here in South Africa, we might actually make use of the scrambler in its natural element, dirt.


Now the 1170cc air/oil cooled boxer is still the same you find on the roadster, with the exception of a different flywheel, so initially there is notably less engine braking right off the throttle. This is fine because there are still very strong Brembo brakes fitted up front.

The longer geometry of the forks and the 19” front gives it good stability and while the initial turn in is a little slower, it still feels rock solid and holds a line through a corner without any trouble, even on the Karoo 3’s which are brilliant, both on the road and off. The negative about the tires are, that they have a decent amount of tire whine, especially at 70-80kph and that we all know that expected life would not nearly be as good as the Anakee 3’s which I see most people fitting anyways.
While our bike handed to us was fitted with heated grips, traction control with ABS and a very nice sounding Akrapovic exhaust, some parts will obviously only be available from the parts catalog.


The RnineT Scrambler is going to be the cheapest model of the range and I predict the most popular because as we know, South Africa is truly dirt road crazy. With near endless customization options available, it’s very easy to make your RnineT Scrambler something unique and truly an extension of your personality.


With the 1st batch of scramblers, already found new homes, you can expect to pay around the mid 170k for yours.


Awesome pictures by Byron Coetsee