Confirmed: 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally and Revised CRF250L

The CRF250L RALLY is ready for weekend adventure, long distance tour or the daily commute, with long travel suspension, large-disk brakes, excellent weather protection from the CRF450 RALLY-inspired bodywork and an impressive cruising range. Engine performance combines solid bottom-end torque with substantial top-end power. Introduction A 250cc dual purpose motorcycle covers many bases: it slips easily through congested traffic as is equally comfortable on rougher roads and trails all thanks

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Bmw RnineT Scrambler Local ZA launch

So much love and effort has gone into this video!

Lord Of Atlas – Top Of The World

Watch the Icon team ride the Africa twin CRF1000 like its suppose to be ridden.

Bmw R9T Scrambler- First Ride

Most of us knew that there were a couple of different variants available from on the RnineT platform. So it was just a matter of time before we saw the highly awaited Scrambler, at least in our market that is. The Scrambler is based on the RnineT roadster with a few changes right off the bat. It features higher bars, off-road foot pegs (with rubber inserts), a bench style seat,

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Less than a month after competing in the Motocross of Nations (MXoN) in Italy and winning his ninth South African Motocross title, Kerim Fitz-Gerald (29) is in California where he will take on some of the world’s toughest competitors in the Red Bull Straight Rhythm event on October 22. Red Bull Straight Rhythm is an evolution of the Supercross format where riders race on a half-mile long unwound track. Now

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BMW S1000R

The super naked market is flourishing right now. It’s converting Superbike riders over to the dark side and with bikes like the S1000R, it’s no wonder why. BMW has taken the king of superbikes the S1000RR with its near 200hp, slightly detuned the engine for more torque 114nm vs 112nm from the RR and increased the fork rake  somewhat to help with extra stability. The gears are also a lot

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Harley-Davidson Dyna Lowrider S

Us Men, like power. There is no denying that a large capacity engine gets the juices flowing for us. So naturally when you hand me the key (fob) to the Dyna Lowrider S, I’m already looking forward to riding it. Just look at it. Straight out of Sons of Anarchy and all I need is a crew to ride with. The Harley-Davidson Lowrider S, is seriously one bad ass motorcycle.  It’s

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BMW R1200GS Adventure

I can’t believe I’ve not spent any decent saddle time with the new GS Adventure, prior to writing this article. I mean, I;ve rode the 1150’s and 1200’s plenty of times, but the new liquid cooled model just never made its way to my table. There is a road presence about the big old boxer that very few other adventure bikes can mimic or copy. The new daylight running lamp,

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Harley-Davidson Road King Classic 103B

When I was a younger, I could not understand who would buy a big, classic looking bike that offers no adrenalin, just nothing that makes you enjoy riding, or I had my riding requirements completely wrong. I have seemed to get a little wiser because now I really can’t think of anything better than a Road King Classic in my garage, maybe not as my only bike, but there would

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The New Milwaukee-Eight Engine

MILWAUKEE (August 23, 2016) – The all-new Harley-Davidson® Milwaukee-Eight™ engine, ninth in the lineage of the company’s iconic Big Twin engines, delivers more power and an improved motorcycling experience for riders and passengers while retaining the iconic look, sound and feel of its predecessors. An all-new design, the Milwaukee-Eight engine offers quicker throttle response, more passing power, purer sound, better fuel economy, a smoother ride and more of the feeling

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